Sunday, October 16, 2005


Wink to Brena. Random facts about little ol' me:

1. I am scared of spiders
2. I was once a certified Archery Instructor
3. I can shoot but I don't own a gun
4. I used to test make-up from the Body Shop (but not on animals)
5. I have found a source of Legionnaires disease
6. My very first girlfriend was called Samantha Copsey
7. I was once in love with the older sister of my first girlfriend
8. With the exception of me, my whole family have had malaria and nearly died
9. I can't drink or even smell Whiskey without wanting to vomit
10. I have nearly been arrested
11. I simply can't understand people who don't enjoy life
12. I have a fascination with ancient Egypt
13. I suffer from migraines
14. I have abseiled off of the
tallest building in Central London
15. I have had 3 close calls with IRA bomb blasts in London
16. I have badly sprained my left ankle 4 times but have never broken it
17. I spent over 4 hours in an operating theatre in 1998
18. I am very impatient but hide it well
19. I can write software in Basic and COBOL
20. My first words were in
Swahili and not English


  1. Very good random facts. You sound just the right amount interesting, without being weird. It is a fine line!

  2. 9. I can't drink or even smell Whiskey without wanting to vomit

    AND ME!

  3. Brena: Tar!
    Martha: A fine line indeed, which is faded at points....
    Ahoy there Mike: Shit, I must have drunk more than I thought 'cause I don't even remember you being there!!

  4. you don't know me so this might seem a bit random but hi anyway :)
    I am a Kiwi too and found you on blog explosion :)

  5. Swahili! wow - i've always wanted to learn...

    i'm trying very hard to pick on that Jamaican patois (of sorts), and so far, that's hard enough.

  6. G'day Wendywings: Glad you found me - I only end up at the web sites of American Conspiracy Theorists when I use BlogExplosion! Shhhh, they could be listening...

    Hi Mai! Patois is best spoken when drunk! An example for ya: "Ello, mi can help yuh wid someting?" is easy after a vodka or two. Check out

  7. Hi,

    I Can understand people who don't enjoy life and everyone can ell i'm impatient!! ;-)

  8. What's there not to enjoy? If you wake up in the morning and everything is where you left it (arms, legs and other important bits!) then leap out of bed and shake your stuff...

  9. There's heaps not to enjoy! I'm still at the "Life Suxs" Stage, is that cause i'm a teenager?
    I could make a list but I won't.

  10. Oh Pinky, lets put it down to teenage angst and save the list!