Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A bloody good bloke

Every now and again you meet a bloody good bloke. We met two today. The whole Reasonable family did actually and these guys were the genuine article, bona fide, bloody good blokes. Diamond geezas you could say. Ms R had made a thank you card and was told she was pretty so she thinks they're very fine thank you. Little Ms R just tried to climb up their legs and wiped snot on them.

They read our story this week and wanted to meet us.

They were a bit peeved to say the least. The view was that LJ Hooker should have offered to at least pay back the commission that they received in our sorry deal and that people like Mr Hewitt bring down the whole industry. We believe them. They were that genuine that they gave us a cheque to help us with our losses. They didn't have to do anything but did something so generous that we are still sitting here, late at night, wondering if it actually happened.

We actually feel guilty. We had a hellish 3 years where we argued, cried, and cursed our stupidity but we still have each other, two healthy girls and a house that we love. Others have lost far more and recovered far less. Mrs R didn't want the money and said so. The heros of this short tale wouldn't hear of it. So here we sit, glad that it is all over and hoping that we have done our part to protect others from making the same mistakes.

We asked Ms R what she would like to buy with the money and she simply wants to buy Lexi a present. Lexi is the little girl who headed up this years
Child Cancer Foundation appeal and I am so proud that my little R can still think of others and want so much to make them happy. After what she has endured, I think we can buy two presents this time.

Our heros? Tommy Heptinstall and David Platt of Tommys Real Estate. I don't know about you but if I ever sell a house (and God knows we have no intention of ever moving again) I would gladly hand over the keys to them and trust in their judgment and integrity.



  1. See - Good things come to good people. Just have to wait a bit lol. Congrats! Big ups to Mr Tommy and co. too!

  2. I'll certainly be using Tommy's if I'm ever buying a house in Wellington!

    Unfortunately it's unlikely, but still, you never know.

  3. Hi badaunt,

    Spread the word! The man is a legend!