Monday, May 23, 2005

MeNZB Update

We have a great doctor. Mrs R went to see her today to talk about MeNZB and our worries.

She is honest and understands our concerns. She is also practical and knowledgeable and went into great detail about the issues.

As a result, we will be joining the queues to jab our kids. We are still worried - it seems you always are when you are parents (and I hear that never goes away) - but we cannot take the risk and we will always do what we can to protect our children (even if it means getting into print!).

If you have doubts, do what we did and go see your doctor. Don't just ignore the issue, the risks are too great.


  1. I'm very pleased you've done the research for me! The kids are booked in for the 31st, and i always worry. Can't help thinking what a bloody idiot I'd be feeling like if my children got meningitis eh?

  2. Absolutely right - in fact, the Ministry of Health recommends parents do that:

    For more information about the Meningococcal B Immunisation Programme:

    * talk to your doctor, practice nurse, Plunket nurse, Well Child/ Tamariki Ora nurse or Māori health provider at your regular clinic
    * contact your public health nurse – your school has your public health nurse’s contact details
    * ring the Meningococcal B Immunisation Programme freephone number on 0800 20 30 90
    * ring your District Health Board Meningococcal B Immunisation Programme Co-ordinator

  3. martha: yup, we feel the same.
    MmM: tar. We are lucky to have a great doctor but the 0800 line is pretty good.

  4. Just reading this,
    Isn't Russell Brown brilliant? Sorry, I'm a bit of a fan!

  5. Thanks Martha - what a great writer.
    Our two had their vaccines today and seem fine, if a bit grizzly. We have got hold of the official data sheet which deals with all of the concerns raised in the anti-vaccination leaflet. If this was publicly available, people would feel better informed. Would you like a copy?

  6. Oh, don't worry about it, I've just had the boys done. They were good, although Finn SCREAMED when the nurse turned on the dancing flower to distract him. She complimented him on his good taste.

    She was very interested in the Russell Brown thing too. She said most patients at the practice were cool, but a few of her nursey friends were getting heaps of queries on the back of the Linda Clark/Russell Brown interview.

  7. It's all about knowledge really and being able to make an informed decision so he is right really. Maybe "we" don't need a nanny state but I guess there are some that do and who wouldn't be able to make a decision either way [so would do nothing].

  8. I really wish I didn't care about making an informed decision. We had many great f#$% ups though when Finn was born because we weren't assertive enough, and he almost died, so now I'm as stroppy as they come!