Tuesday, May 03, 2005

To quote Kate Bush, It's in the trees and it's coming.....

An interesting thing has happened.

All the nice things and support that everyone has given Mrs R and I about our terrible start to life in this here fabulous piece of heaven stirred up some activity in us and shook us out of our depression. We kept writing and it felt good.

The best bit is this Blog might have actually achieved our goal of making other people aware of the dangers of property developers and the shakey position you are in when trusting others with your hard earned dosh.

We are on the edge of something wonderful - I don't want to tell you what it is yet should I burst the bubble but the Whispering Inferno might yet save a bigger audience from losing their shirts thanks to the help of a lovely lady who owns a pen and who isn't afraid to use it!

Buckle up, buttercup.....


  1. Excellent - both that you're feeling better and that someone is going to publicise it.

    Now you just have to keep writing. Imagine how good you'll be feeling after a year - or two...

  2. Got to confess that if even one person saves $1 from this Blog, we'll be happy.

    Happy, as long as I'm not in prison; I've got too much decorating to do in this lovely old place. First job is some damn heating!

  3. And I heard something similar to your story on TV ... can't recall if it was a DNZ ad, 'coming up later in our news bulletin' or what.


  4. Not us....but keep watch as the day is soon approaching....