Thursday, May 05, 2005

Legal stuff

I have been advised to just highlight a couple of things. Everything in this Blog is simply my opinion and is therefore coloured by my personal experiences and natural bias. I have told this story with as much honesty and integrity as I can but it is only one side and, like in all disagreements, there are always two sides. (Except when Mrs R is involved as she is usually right and I am usually right only when I agree with her!).

Everything on this Blog is true. Everything that happened is true. You couldn't make this stuff up. Nothing is defamatory as it all happened. Everything I have detailed is from the events as I saw them and from the information that I have.

As I have said a good few times now, nobody acted illegally in this tale (we don't think) but that only goes to show that the laws can't be right. All I am attempting to do with this Blog is protect others from making the same mistakes I made and to help them avoid the rogues in this business.

It doesn't feel right that anyone can buy a hammer and call themselves a developer, a car and you can be a realtor, and a big wad of cash, an angry lawyer, and no sense of fair play then you can be a finance company.....

In the words of Maximus, "At my signal, unleash hell".....


  1. Keep writing, and good for you..

    PS A Kate Bush fan huh?

  2. All sorts of people are legally right, but not right really. I know you're right, and trust me, they'll get theirs.

  3. You girls rock!

    No comment on my Queen Kate.....I was young and 1987 was a great summer (in the UK at any rate). There are great memories attached to random songs and these memories are....lets just leave it there I think.

  4. I was there (summer '87). And many other summers.

    It's total crap the way you have been treated. (Sorry, seem to have turned American, but you get the point....)

  5. Neat. Don't know what it was about '87 but it is the year that everything was kicking off. There will never be another year like it....

  6. Now I just have Heath- cliffffffffff in my head. Thank you Kate Bush fans. Very nice.

  7. Yikes. Don't think about Babooshka....
    All yours,
    Babooshka, Babooshka, Babooshka-ya-ya! Sorry.....

  8. [enters room] ... [hears music] ... [sees large haired people flailing arms and screeching] ... [slides back out of room].

  9. Too late 'cause now it's in you's me oh Cathy, oh oh ohhhh