Thursday, May 26, 2005


Gotta get around to adding my thoughts to the Wellingtonist site.
Until I do that, a couple of comments.

I spent yesterday in Auckland and whilst it is a pleasant enough place, particularly down by the water, it just doesn't do it for me. As I flew back in last night, the moon was very bright, the sky was clear and seeing Wellington harbour with the lights and the lunar reflection, was a great welcome home. I guess that sight is only surpassed by sitting by the beach in Oriental Parade looking back towards Te Papa, the city and the hills beyond (with a good coffee in hand).

The legendary Tana Umaga was in the seat across from me and I swear he whispered "those Lions, they gonna get eaten, man". I was going to debate the issue but, shit, he's big in the flesh and he's probably right.


  1. You listen to Tana. He knows.

  2. He might know, and I know that he knows, but do they know? And are they truely barmy?

  3. Barmy (army) my left testicle. Bunch of Enlgish woofters with too much money, not enough drinking stamina and no sense of humour ...

  4. Tough but fair. But the big question is can your lefty sing Swing Low?