Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)

To those of you that saw The Dom today, eeeks, Mr Reasonable is real! And there really is a Mrs R - it isn't just a voice in my head!

It has been a day for strange phone calls for Mrs R.

First up was a fellow who got ripped off by Paul Hewitt 5 years ago here in Welly. That is a good two years before we met the delightful developer. What makes us angry is that this poor guy was one of the builders who never got paid on a previous job, which happens to be one of the houses that LJ Hookers showed to us to demonstrate what an excellent chap Hewitt was. It appears that those houses had their share of disasters and the problems were known to Hookers back then....

The second call was one of those odd affairs and it went something like this.
"Is that Mrs R from the newspaper story today?"
"Err, Yes."
"My name is Tommy, and I'm calling from Tommys"...

Now, call me sharp, but when your name is the same as the company, you are usually at the top of the food chain. Mrs R was a bit cautious (as is her nature).

The call carried on:
"I am outraged by your story and want to restore your faith in honest business practice..." and so on.

The upshot is we are going to meet the Tommy tomorrow.
We are a bit amazed as our story has nothing at all to do with Tommys and it was a Tommys realtor who helped us buy the beautiful home where we are now so content - we already like them but whatever they do for us, it will be all the more great because they don't have to do anything......


  1. Keep us posted, eh.

    But Mr H did "get through", no need to leave his "name and number"...

  2. Will do.

    Well picked up on the lyrics. I shall make it harder alan-san.

  3. Absolutely!
    Go well and I hope you get a mansion out of this - invites to the mansion warming party to MiramarMike@...